03 - 05 october 2023

EXPO Ferroviaria Milan

2023 edition of the fair dedicated to railway technology, products and systems. Tens of thousands of visitors crowded the two-day exhibition dedicated to the vehicle that united Europe, America and the entire world: the train. The catering service took care of the hospitality at the stands of Mermec, a company that has been developing cutting-edge technologies for the railway and manufacturing market for over thirty years and JSW Piombino, which has been forging steel for infrastructures built in Worldwide.

The challenge and commitment of our trade fair catering service was to combine the tradition of typical Italian dishes with an audience of guests with international tastes. The menu, curated by Chef Fausto Zanardelli, offered breakfasts, finger foods, appetizers and meals capable of satisfying tens of thousands of visitors from all over the world.

The hospitality of the stands was taken care of by a team of professionals, with hotel training, which allowed our customers to impress guests with a combination of taste, quality and originality.