“First Class”

A unique, exclusive and invaluable idea: the experience of a restaurant at the fair, inside your exhibition space for your customers.

First Class is an unmissable appointment for all your guests at any exhibition, both in Italy and abroad, a journey through the tastes of classic Italian cuisine, prepared on site by Chef Fausto Zanardelli and his talented staff, with attentive care and impeccable service.

Menù à la carte, reveals how Italian cuisine is pure art

As in a restaurant, every day the proposal features an à la carte menu of unique dishes,
cooked expressly, with top-quality Italian ingredients, by a team of chefs and served by hospitality-trained staff.

Menù day 1

Timbale of fresh pasta au gratin with crunchy vegetables

Vedi menù

Venere black rice with vegetables and mozzarella

Menù day 2

Bolognese Lasagna

Vedi menù

Rovè beef roulade and sour asparagus

Menù day 3

Salmon tartare and caper flowers

Vedi menù

Crunchy vegetable couscous

Menù day 4

Ligurian stewed octopus

Vedi menù

Fassona beef tartare and toasted pine nuts

Menù day 5

Spaghetti with tomato and basil sauce

Vedi menù

Pearl barley with rosemary flavoured octopus