History, cuisine, philosophy

The story of Zanardelli Catering was born in the kitchen, with an apple pie. Fausto Zanardelli's passion came from the taste of a home-made pie, so envied by the kids in the neighbourhood. From that moment we have eaten up years and kilometres, restaurants, events and trade fairs.

For over thirty years the passion for cuisine has become our philosophy: the search for the best ingredients, precision even in the smallest details. Zanardelli Catering is a set of values and experiences that define a style: the tastiest emotions are born from the table.  

Our cuisine is not just knowledge and technique, it is not just a list of ingredients: it is the story of the history of our territories.

Ingredients and research,
aromas and flavours of the earth and sea.

The search for the best ingredients is the basis of our cuisine. We are a "zero km" company that believes deeply in enhancement of the territory, in exaltation of the flavours and aromas of the earth and sea.

Thirty years of experience means not only technique and exercise, but also knowledge and taste. We were born in the area of the great lakes of northern Italy, amid mountains, vineyards and fresh water.

Serving the major trade fairs in Europe, we are proud to take 'Made in Italy' with us at all times.

Exquisitely Bio

Our commitment, through corporate choices and investments, is to have the least possible impact on the environment. A choice that has led us - over the last few years - to invest and revolutionize our working method.

Within our laboratory we are gradually eliminating all gas-fired kitchens and ovens, replacing them with 4.0 equipment.

For catering services within the fairs we have replaced the use of plastic with the use of paper for biodegradable glasses, and cellulose pulp, combined with biodegradable wood, for plates and cutlery.

Zanardelli people

Catering is not judged only by the dishes. Good service can be discreet, elegant, but at the same time memorable. Our brigade, led by Chef Fausto Zanardelli, is a heterogeneous set of talent, precision and personality.

In fact, the organisation of large events requires an overview, an administrative capacity that can only be obtained a group of people who are close-knit, capable and in tune.

We are proud of all the young men and women, all professionals who carry our brand with great ability throughout Europe.