15 - 19 april 2024

Catering for Wire Tube Düsseldorf

The Zanardelli Catering brigade visits Düsseldorf for Wire Tube, a significant international event dedicated to the wire, cable, and tube industries. The fair attracts participants from around the world, providing networking opportunities, product presentations, and a comprehensive overview of industry innovations. Our exclusive catering served eight stands: Acciaierie Venete, ORI Martin, Alfa Acciai, Arvedi, Dem, Feralpi, Sideralba, Steelcom Fittings

The menu, carefully crafted by Chef Fausto Zanardelli, has been designed to satisfy a variety of tastes and palates from around the world. From refined finger food proposals to gourmet creations, our menu has stood out for its flexibility and customization, crucial elements for an expo that gathers tens of thousands of visitors from every nation.

We exclusively use fresh, top-quality ingredients. Our commitment to quality is evident in every dish we serve, ensuring an unparalleled gustatory experience.

Our team, with a background in hospitality, always swift and elegant, has dedicated itself to ensuring impeccable service. We have paid great attention to presentation, ensuring that each dish is captivating and delicious to impress visitors and leave a positive memory of the booth.